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Get introduced to your ideal franchisee in a more powerful way than standard advertising

With online distribution and social media it is easier than ever for people to research any information they are looking for. Potential franchisees will read every article they can about your company while researching if they trust your opportunity enough to move forward with it. Canadian Franchise Journal distributes to thoCanadiannds of websites to attract more positive attention, this provides the social proof which elevates a franchisor's image and reputation so they can gain the trust of the potential franchisees.

Canadian franchise journal helped build my company's online reputation so potential franchisees already had a level of trust with my company before the initial call. The leads are far more qualified and the close rate is far higher then traditional advertising avenues.

Alex Dobranaki - Founder

After my first call with a potential franchisee I understood that the relationship didn't start on that first call, the relationship starts with the first interaction of my company, be it an ad, a review or an article. Canadian Franchise Journal is like having a friend's introduction to each potential franchisee.

Dan - President of Fitness on the Go

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