Changes in the Seniors Care Franchise Market

In-home wellness and seniors care franchise opportunities; a market that is ever growing.  As the population increases so do the number of seniors. With modern medicine seniors are living longer and in turn accumulating more wealth for a better retirement. Makes sense that there is big business to be had here, and the Canadian market is being bombarded with US companies looking to take market share.
One Canadian company that is breaking ground is Melody’s House Calls.  Established in 2008 by

Melody's House Calls Franchise Opportunity

Melody Leskun of Melody’s House Calls sees changes in the senior care market.

Melody Leskun, Melody’s House Calls provides wellness services and seniors home health care services at the most affordable rate on the market. Understanding that the competition is getting fierce, she has positioned her price point 15 – 25% lower than her competitors at $30 – $45 per hour, and has been seeing great results for their bottom line by making this strategic decision. Her team will service calls for a one-hour minimum as opposed to the competition that will only deal with a 2-hour

minimum. “This gives us an upper hand when consumers are choosing companies,

therefore we get an introduction to a potential long term customer as opposed to the competition.” Leskun states.

Melody sits on the Seniors Advisory Committee in Langley and is heavily involved on the political side of her business. “There will be a change in seniors care in the near future.” She states. Explaining that the Canadian medical system will need to be able to provide more house calls to accommodate the demand, which means a more affordable service for the user with government assistance, and large contracts to the providers. Melody’s House Calls has the perfect position with their political exposure, track record, and more affordable model to take on these contracts if this change were to occur.

Melody’s House Call has taken a franchise model to facilitate their growth. They have granted 2 seniors care franchises in just the past 8 months, and feel confident to keep expanding their team with more franchise partners.