Big Business in Small Creatures

Dogs and cats may be small and cute, but the pet industry is more like an elephant than a pug. How big is it? In North America, spending on pets currently exceeds $50 billion dollars a year. In Canada, about half of all households are home to a pet of some kind and, in 2012, Canadians spent a combined $6.5 billion on their pets. That’s a lot of kibble.

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Richard Avis leads his team of franchise partners across Canada with Aussie Pet Mobile.

Why are people spending so much money on their pets? For many people, it’s because pets are more than just animals they keep at home. In fact, 9 out of 10 pet owners say they consider their pets to be family members. But that’s not all. 63% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners say they give their pets presents at Christmas. 27% of pet owners say to have taken their pet to a professional photographer to have a picture taken, either with the family or with holiday characters like Santa or the Easter Bunny. 27% of dog owners and 23% cat owners say they sign their pet’s name on greeting cards.

People buy designer clothing, special beds, gourmet meals and a wide variety of other luxury items for their pets. Pets are considered family members and they’re treated like them.

“People love their kids and their pets,” says Richard Avis, CEO and President of Aussie Pet Mobile Canada. Aussie Pet Mobile was founded in Sydney Australia in 1996 and arrived in the USA in 1999 and brought to Canada in 2010, is the largest mobile pet grooming service in the world.

In fact, some people love their pets more than their kids… or at least they spend more money on them! Statistics Canada showed that, in 2009, the average household spending on pet expenses in Canada was $420. Average household spending on childcare expenses? $393. It’s these kinds of statistics that made Statistics Canada analyst Bradley Snider remark that “you could say that collectively as a society we do spend more on pets than on child care”.

Avis knows firsthand how much people love their pets and it is his goal to provide a pet grooming service that makes them feel loved and cared for. With Aussie Pet Mobile, pet grooming services come right to your door. Avis says that this makes the service convenient and stress-free for both the pets and their owners.
It also means the same groomer works with your pet each time. This familiarity lets both pets and owners build relationships with their groomers, creating a trusting environment that everyone involved enjoys – whether they walk on two legs or four!

Avis leads his team of franchise partners which has established 48 franchised territories across Canada and sees a bright future for Aussie Pet Mobile and is looking for more pet-loving- entrepreneurs to join the Aussie team with their world leading pet franchise opportunity. Aussie Pet Mobile has won the Canadian Franchise Associations Franchisees’ Choice Designation Award for the past two years. This prestigious award is voted on by the franchise owners who rate the franchise system they’re involved with which speaks volumes for the Aussie Pet Mobile franchised system.
The pet industry is growing every year. Recent estimates say that there are six million dogs and eight and a half million cats in Canada. In 2010, the average pet-owning household spent $870 a year on their pets and, if the past decade is any indication, this number will keep rising. Between 1997 and 2009, household spending on pet care grew by 122%. As a comparison, average household spending on food in the same time frame grew by just 27%. Pets are big business and they’re only getting bigger.

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