A “Healthy” Home Based Franchise Opportunity

When you think of a home based franchise opportunity you certainly wouldn’t suspect to think of the fitness industry.  Dan Mezheritsky, President of Fitness on the Go is revolutionizing how the Canadian personal training industry works.  He has identified the problems and has created the solution.

fitness franchise

Problem #1:  Personal trainers do not get paid well as employees.

The average personal trainer earns $18 – $24 per hour.

Problem #2: The majority of personal trainers do not get that much work.

Most personal trainers work at several gyms, train clients ‘on the side’, and may still have a part-time job elsewhere.

Problem #3: Personal trainers who start their own business more often then not lack the business resources to build and stay in business on their own.

With Fitness on the Go, trainers earn what the client pays, which is about $60 per session.  They pay $300 per month to Fitness on the Go to provide the backend business services providing a centralized website, call centre, software, marketing, accounting, design, and business coaching to help them operate.  Even a ‘part-time’ in-home personal trainer with Fitness on the Go earns $3,000 per month with only 13 sessions of work a week.  In 2012 the average Fitness on the Go trainer earned over $38,000, compared to $20,500 from a large national gym.

“Working a full time schedule for $21 can’t be good for the employees moral.  That isn’t enough money for someone to feel like they are compensated for their knowledge and efforts.  I believe in giving an opportunity where people can really succeed and reap the rewards of their efforts.”  Mezheritsky states.

Fitness on the Go finds territory fitness franchise partners who recruit and manage a team of personal trainers to their success. The franchise partner does not need to have any fitness experience and can work from home.  Mezheritsky says that managing a team of 15 – 30 personal trainers with their business platform can be very rewarding financially and personally.

This home-based franchise opportunity certainly is turning many heads with 12 new franchise territories granted in the first 2 months of its availability.

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