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IHOP franchise opportunity


Category: Restaurant

Investment Required: $1.2M USD

Franchise Fee: $40K USD

Franchise Units Canada: 20 USA: 1602 International: 44 Corporate Units USA: 10

Il Fornello franchise opportunityIl Fornello

Category: Restaurant

Investment Required: $1,150,000 – $1,415,000

Franchise Fee: $45K USD

Franchise Units Canada: 5 Corporate Units Canada: 2

Image360 franchise opportunity


Category: Signs

Investment Required: $152,035 to $300,313

Franchise Fee: $35K-$45K USD

Franchise Units Canada: 9 USA: 167 International: 5

In2Sports franchise opportunity


Category: Retail

Investment Required: $350K

Franchise Fee: $32.5K

Franchise Units Canada: 2

Innovative Fitness franchise opportunity

Innovative Fitness

Category: Fitness

Investment Required: $500K-$750K

Franchise Units Canada: 7


Instant Imprints franchise opportunity

Instant Imprints

Category: Promotional Products

Investment Required: $155K-$195K

Franchise Fee: $29,950

Franchise Units Canada: 18 USA: 27 Corporate Units USA: 2

Interface Financial Group franchise opportunity

Interface Financial Group

Category: Financial Services

Investment Required: $96,500 to $154,800 CAD

Franchise Fee: $39K CAD

Franchise Units Canada: 12 USA: 148 International: 38

Intersport franchise opportunity


Category: Retail

InXpress franchise opportunity


Category: Printing / Shipping

Investment Required: $51,780

Franchise Fee: $49,700

Franchise Units USA: 81 International: 80

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