Fitness on the Go Breaks Ground in Winnipeg

Dan Mezheritsky has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and has gained a lot of insight on the business of personal training. Mezheritsky founded Fitness on the Go, an in-home personal training company, in 2005 and which has grown nation-wide with personal trainers in over 30 Canadian cities.

Growing a business with a franchise model is common for many service based industries – junk removal – 1800 Got Junk, healthcare – Nurse Next Door, window washing – Men in Kilts. Dan was fortunate to have been in close proximity to these businesses working in Vancouver and met with each of the above listed CEO’s to learn if the franchise model was right for Fitness on the Go.

Kara Lodewyks leads her team of in home personal trainers in Winnipeg with her Fitness on the Go franchise.

Kara Lodewyks leads her team of in home personal trainers in Winnipeg with her Fitness on the Go franchise.

“Having a local entrepreneur spearhead the business in their region makes sense for many reasons, “Mezheritsky states. “I like working with people who want to be in control of their finances and their schedule.”

After several years of learning the franchise industry, Mezheritsky adapted it for Fitness on the Go, and says it has been the best business decision he has ever made.

Fitness on the Go has a full management team to support their fitness franchise partners around the clock. They have created an operating software to propel their business along with their partners, and have an operations manual with their proven formula to expedite their partners’ success. Fitness on the Go even takes care of all of the billing on behalf of their franchisees, which is rare in any industry. “We have created a service for our clients that is unmatched by any competitor and I like to offer the same kind of unmatched service to my franchise partners,” says Mezheritsky.

Fitness on the Go has helped over 5500 Canadians keep fitness as part of their lifestyle with their personal trainers and continues to grow. “When we find the right franchise partner we know we can enter new markets.” Mezheritsky states. “We didn’t have any business in Winnipeg just 3 months ago, now we have a growing team of personal trainers and a growing client base, spearheaded by our franchise partner, Kara Lodewyks.

“I was certainly impressed with everything Fitness on the Go has done, but I didn’t think people would respond so well and quickly to Fitness on the Go in Winnipeg as they have – it’s been a pleasant surprise,” says Lodewyks. Kara says that she has always wanted to have a personal training business and is extremely happy she found Fitness on the Go’s fitness franchise opportunity. “The structure of Fitness on the Go is changing the personal training industry for the better, and has given me the chance to hit the ground running as opposed to stumbling around and wasting my time and money.” Lodewyks states.

Mezheritsky sees Fitness on the Go across North America, and has learned to take away his timeline for it. Mezheritsky states, “When I was younger, I wanted everything immediately. Now I understand that doing things correctly are more important than just getting things done. We are in our 9th year of business and I’m very proud of where we are. I know the US market is in our future, and we will get there when the time is right.”

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