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Success With Social Media

by Canadian Franchise Journal
Question: Why do franchised businesses really need to connect through social media these days? Answer: To take the role of a brand that operates in a certain area, franchises have to relate it back to where they are and social media
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5 Things I Did Before Buying a Franchise

by Rhys Green
Buying a franchise is the largest business investment I’ve ever made (if you don’t count the time I’ve put into my career). It was scary and exhilarating all at the same time, and it took hours of research. Luckily, I
parkbench To Franchise or Not Part 2

by Grant Findlay-Shirras
Part 2 of 7 Welcome back to our journey exploring the franchise business model to grow compared to the traditional corporate model.  If you haven't read part 1 please click here. Here’s a quick

Pros and Cons of Low Cost Franchises

by Chuck Prenevost
I am often asked by interested clients about the cost of franchise opportunities and where to start looking. Before they consider price as a starting point, I strongly suggest that they spend time reflecting on WHY you want to own
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Will 2015 Be A Good Year To Invest In a Franchise?

by Cheri Carroll
2014 is going to be exciting to watch franchising emerging from the tough years of 2008-11! Some companies went under or had to put themselves in peril to get the funding they needed, but others have survived and even thrived

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The New Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse

by Canadian Franchise Journal
Mike Cordoba grew up in North Vancouver and like many families they went to one particular restaurant for a weekly night out. They went to Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse as a weekly ritual, and Mike would enjoy a Mr. Mike’s burger
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Using the Right Model Can Ramp up Business

by Canadian Franchise Journal
Julian Gordon has a degree in aeronautical engineering, and although he has created many products, never did he think that he would stumble upon creating a product that could change so many people’s lives, and make him feel so proud.
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What is a Master Franchise?

by Canadian Franchise Journal
In the world of franchising there are several terms to get familiar with. Unit refers to a single standing franchise. Territory usually pertains to a geographical area with a certain population that the franchisor determines. Area representative
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Academy for Mathematics & English and the Booming Population

by Canadian Franchise Journal
The population continues to increase; experts are predicting we will have over 8 billion people on the planet in about 10 years. According to the World Bank Group, Canada is growing at 1.14% each year, and according to Statistics Canada

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