We Wash Windows

We Wash Windows has been operating as a window cleaning company since 2001. For 10 years we operated as a partnership, my father in law and myself. Five and a half years ago I bought him out of the company and at that time the idea of franchising started to develop. This concept works best as a home occupation, we wanted to grow the company to three full time, busy crews (nine window cleaners) we have done that. In doing so we think we’ve navigated most growing pains that a franchisee could experience; this is important to be able to offer support as a franchisee grows. We also believe this is the growth threshold for a business operating as a home based business. Growing any further would require a commercial/industrial location and change the model completely. Our franchise concept would see us creating professional window cleaners with a strong desire to do business well. Window cleaning is a simple act of putting water on a window, but to do the business well it's so much more. We've refined our systems, from scheduling to ladder setups to customer services to make us very efficient. With our systems we've found we're very competitive within the market and very busy. When most companies are booking 1.5 weeks out, we're booking 8-9.