Prairie Donair Inc

Prairie Donair is a quick food service style restaurant without the processed deli meats. We cook all our meat right from scratch in front of the customer. We have a huge selection of veggies and sauces to help provide the customer with the ultimate sandwich he/she can build. Our restaurants have little to zero oil, no deep fryers and our primary sauces are all made in house with low fat recipes. We give the healthy sandwich that customers want without all the preservatives in deli style and pre cooked meats. As far as the franchise concept, PD (Prairie Donair) is relatively inexpensive capital cost wise; and provides owners with strong profits. Most restaurants, dependent on style and build, can be opened for approximately 90 K to 190 K including the franchise fee. Average sales are between 400K to 600K. Royalties are only 6 percent and the franchise fee including everything is 20K.