Perfect-Touch Ball Therapy

Perfect-Touch Ball Therapy is an innovative massage technique that relieves stress, soothes nerves, clears emotional blockages, contributes to lymphatic drainage and promotes more desirable sleep. Performed by strategically rolling spheres over the body of a fully clothed patient, Color visualization and hydration is integrated. It's a gentle top of the head to toes experience that offers all the benefits of deep tissue massage without unwanted pain, discomfort, or the need to remove one's clothes. PTB- Therapy is safe, effective for all ages and nationalities. It's quick and effectively executed within fifteen minutes to an hour: noninvasive, delivered to the recipient in clothes under blanket privacy: because of its nondiscriminatory use, people of all nationalities and ages have access. The vision is to develop Perfect-Touch Ball Therapy Kiosks in areas such as: Shopping Malls, Elementary Schools, Post Secondary Education Facilities, Hospitals, Airports - literally any area where there is high ambulatory traffic and that high stress is a factor.