Loukoumania Café

A modern European inspired café, offering mostly Italian and Greek coffees & other treats. Staple product will be Loukoumades - a tradtional Greek treat (honey puffs) made for over 2000 yrs, recognizable across Europe, Southeast Asia & Middle East.



Tired of seeing the same foodservice franchise system popping up everywhere? There has to be something out there just waiting to be the next big thing! More importantly, YOU want to invest in it and YOU want to be part of the process to make it a success!

Loukoumania Café is an innovative and new concept in Ontario, brought to you by the CEO of AllStar Wings & Ribs®. With twelve years of franchising expertise, and decades of foodservice and hospitality experience, you will reap the benefits of partnering with a well-seasoned franchise organization - perfect for an entrepreneur looking to minimize risk, maximize return, and find relief with operating systems and support.

Offering the perfect treat for today’s consumer in a fresh and upscale lounge, Loukoumania Café brings a modern-day approach to traditional Greek baked goods. Featuring loukoumades made from scratch, they were originally coined as the dessert of the Greek Gods, used as Honey Tokens for winners of the Ancient Olympic Games.

The loukoumades are made with an egg and dairy-free recipe with toppings to please every palette, paired with trending hot and cold beverages, including classic Greek beverages with an organic, health-conscious product line.

What you should expect:

  • No baking experience necessary; we will help you make the dough in the Café and in your pockets! We pride our system of ease of operations and business planning.
  • Low operating costs provide favourable profit margins.
  • Affordable investment opportunity for those seeking a hands-on, uplifting atmosphere through their business venture.
  • Initial Training Program with on-going support from industry experts in all areas of business.
  • Ambitious expansion plans throughout North America with territory opportunities available in Canada and US.

***Fair trade organic brewed coffee and espresso + dairy free