Ledgers Canada

Ledgers Franchise owners provide a comprehensive suite of services to small businesses, their owners and the general public. With services ranging from accounting and bookkeeping to personal and corporate income tax preparation, Ledgers is the one-stop source for all of the financial aspects of running a small business.

Our commitment to quality and standards, affordable services and success of our franchises was instrumental in the development of the Ledgers Central Processing Systemâ„¢.

Through Central Processing, you not only offer the finest of Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax and Payroll Services, but you can offer a host of ancillary services, all contributing to increasing your profits!

Providing additional services to your clients, services that are not regularly provided by other bookkeepers or accountants will set you apart and keep you clients returning for more.

We live in a society built on convenience; the typical small business owner does not want to have to deal with several inpiduals for the same services; they want to deal with one key point of contact – YOU!

Your affiliation with Ledgers, allows you to offer additional services such as:

    • Business Plans, Budgets and Cash Flow Projections
    • Incorporations and Business Registrations
    • CRA Audit Defense
    • US Tax Returns
    • Small Business Financing

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