Holy Perogy!

Holy Perogy! is a family-owned company that was born out of love for perogies, respect for tradition, and an adventurous quest to create modern high-quality fast food. Like any family business, there is a history behind it. 25 years ago a family of four arrived from Ukraine and started Pelmen Foods. Today, Pelmen is North America's leading premium perogy manufacturer offering over 50 kinds of perogies. With a vision to innovate, Pelmen Foods has taken their experience and expertise to create a premium fast casual restaurant - Holy Perogy! Holy Perogy!'s globally-inspired menu is a fresh take on a classic perogy. With unexpected combinations of toppings, mouthwatering sauces, all-natural ingredients, and a selection of plant-based dishes, Holy Perogy! brings something entirely new and different to the restaurant and private catering scene. Picture a dish of delicious perogies topped with grilled chili corn, avocado lime sauce, goat cheese and a drizzle of chipotle honey or a velvety-smooth fragrant coconut curry sauce, these are just some of the dishes that make Holy Perogy! so unique.