(Day)Caring Beyond the Bottom Line

At first glance, you might think that the most successful companies are the ones that focus on profit. After all, it’s the goal of most businesses to be profitable. However, focusing only on profit can get in the way of building a strong business. If the bottom line is the primary thing you care about, you’ll be a lot more likely to cut corners, skimp on quality materials, and try to save money on talent. The result of that attitude is a business that produces less than satisfactory products or services, and that has a team that isn’t motivated to go the extra mile.

Why do some companies succeed while others fail? There are numerous factors (the quality of product or service, the competition, the talent working at the organization, etc.) but one major factor and arguably the most important, is that successful companies know why they exist. In fact, not only do they know why they exist, but they also know why their customers are interested in their product or service. This is called “starting with the why.”

Knowing why your company exists helps a company define their organization’s core values. These values help people form personal connections to the company. When this happens, you get customers, employees, and franchisees who believe in the company and who will gladly support the organization.

This sort of “profit-first” model makes it difficult for employees to feel engaged or feel like they’re part of a team. If your employees don’t feel a connection to your company, they’ll soon wonder why they are even coming to work.

Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare sticks to this line of thinking and has a very strong why. “If we hear that money is the key motivator from a potential franchisee, we don’t even proceed with the exploration process of our daycare franchise opportunity.” Says Angie Girgis, founder of Angelic Treasures Daycare (ATCD). ATCD started in 2003 and has been holding true to their values from day one: God is in the centre, take care of our daycare families, show responsibility to the world.

“Our franchisee’s values must align with ours. We believe that profit is a natural by-product from loving what you do.” Girgis emphasizes.

ATCD daycare has been able to work and contribute to many local and national charities over the years and make a huge impact not only for the charities, but by setting the example for all of the children within the daycare. ATCD feels like they are creating a movement for future generations to understand the importance of giving back and helping those in need. “When putting the children first, it deepens the impact of the actions of everyone involved in the organization – employees, franchisees, and head office. The daycare wouldn’t work if money was put first.” Says Sylvia Martignani, COO of Angelic Treasures Christian Daycare.

ATCD has been offering their daycare franchise opportunity for 3 years, and has granted 6 franchise partners throughout Ontario so far.

Canadian Franchise Journal

Canadian Franchise Journal