A Foxy Mission, A Foxy Culture

Successful organizations do more than just offer products or services. Companies that grow and thrive aren’t satisfied with just getting the job done. They understand the importance of a positive company culture. It’s powerful when an organization has employees that have a greater sense of purpose than just doing the task at hand.

A company’s culture affects nearly every aspect of an organization, from hiring and retaining employees to getting things done, to how customers and clients perceive the business.

For instance, fast casual Mexican restaurant Chipotle holds a yearly “Cultivate” festival that offers live music, on-site chef demonstrations, and interactive experiences focused on sustainable food. By holding a free festival for the public that discusses and showcases food and food issues (such as animal welfare, GMOs, processed foods, and other issues) Chipotle accents its culture and mission, which is focused on providing responsible, safe, and high-quality food. The festival helps show customers what Chipotle stands for, while giving the employees something to really get behind with a higher purpose than their 9-5.

This helps improve customer perception and boost employee morale. When employees find value in their work and believe in the organization they work for, they’re not just “punching the clock”, so the entire organization benefits. Not only will morale be higher, and productivity increase, but it also becomes easier to attract new talent and retain the team you have.

Kyla Dufresne, founder of Foxy Box Wax Bar, a beauty franchise opportunity in Canada, has seen exactly this with her efforts of organizing FoxyFest. After watching a documentary on Chipotle, Dufresne, decided that she was going to create the same type of festival that radiated her company’s mission. Foxy Box is a waxing salon which prides itself in providing the best Brazilian waxes in Canada, but their mission is much deeper: “We don’t just help women look better, we make them feel better about themselves,” Kyla continues. The company strives to empower women, not just the clients but the employees and franchisees as well. FoxyFest conveys Foxy Box’s mission of leaving women feeling energized and powerful by packing venues with incredible talent to celebrate females on the weekend of International Women’s Day. This charity event is filled with music, dancing, laughs and raises funds for local women’s shelters and organizations. “Our aestheticians and franchisees are not just performing beauty services for their clientele, they know that with each visit they are helping create a strong, confident woman. It gives the aestheticians a deeper purpose than just the task at hand,” Dufresne states. Kyla plans to host FoxyFest in each region they have Foxy Box franchise partners and has made this part of the brand’s culture and identity.

Canadian Franchise Journal

Canadian Franchise Journal