A Smooth Addition to the Waxing Salon: Memberships

The beauty industry has been around for generations, and much like anything that has stood the test of time, it has changed and evolved. To meet the needs of today’s clients, the industry has become more specialized, more personalized, and more about building trust than ever before.

In years past, large, general purpose salons were the norm. These businesses offered everything from haircuts to manicures and all services in between. While they were a good place to get a little bit of everything done, the reality is that it’s nearly impossible to be a master at anything when you’re trying to accomplish everything. The result was that while salons did everything, they did nothing especially well.

Over time, the model changed to provide more specialization. While all-purpose salons still exist, many clients today prefer to visit specific experts they can trust. The result is that each process (colour, waxing, haircuts, makeup, blow-outs, manicures/pedicures, and more) are now often offered separately by different providers. Florence Rossavik, alongside business partner Jessie Frampton from Fuzz Wax Bar saw this change coming and decided to bring the best aestheticians specializing in waxing on the market through Fuzz Wax Bar, which started in 2012.

A person’s beauty is unique and finding someone that you can trust with your hair, makeup, or nails often takes time. Once a person filters through many providers and finds a salon that works and that they like, they aren’t likely to go elsewhere. The idea of trust is vital in the beauty industry. Clients want someone they can count on to do exactly what they want each time, and no one wants to take dangerous risks with their looks. The Fuzz training protocol allows for people to book with any Fuzzologist and know they are receiving the same service each time.

This means clients tend to be very loyal. They often come back each month to the same salon to have the same person give them a haircut, wax, colour, injection, or whatever they’re looking for. Rossavik and Frampton understood that a membership for their clientele was only natural and became the pioneer of this model within the beauty industry – which has now been adapted by many. Fuzz Wax Bar has attracted a lot of attention not just from clientele, but from entrepreneurs wanting to join their innovative model. Fuzz Wax Bar has been offering their beauty franchise opportunity since 2016 and currently has 3 franchise partners.

“It benefits, clients, employees, franchisees, and head office,” Rossavik continues, “We don’t have to worry about where the next client will be coming from, so we are able to focus on providing high-quality service to our clients. With our model, we’ve been able to position ourselves where we can offer the lowest rates to clients, but also have the consistent stream to keep our employees happy, and franchise partners profitable.”

Fuzz Wax Bar is currently offering their beauty franchise opportunity throughout Canada only.

Canadian Franchise Journal

Canadian Franchise Journal